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Underworld LARP is proud to announce that we are the focus of a half hour epesode of a brand new TV show called Fanboy Confessional. Our epesode airs July 13 at 10:30PM EST on the Space Channel.

FANBOY CONFESSIONAL presents active stories of self-professed “Fanboys” (and “Fangirls”) – pop culture enthusiasts and aficionados. It’s a celebration of unique interests and creative knowledge, and presents each Fanboy as a hero in his or her own right. The characters in our series come from all areas of fandom, and all have a sense of humor about their passions, mixed with a healthy measure of self-awareness and respect.

Please tune in as we celibrate some wonderfull recognition of our passion and hard work over the years.

Get Your Own Underworld

Not in the Toronto or Edmonton area? Why not start your own Underworld LARP Game? At Underworld we divide each of our games or chapters into Guilds and each owner is considered a Guildmaster. Every Guildmaster is given a territory in the real world in which they can run their own events, and collect their own profits. Our Underworld Kalidor Guild has control over Edmonton and the surrounding area.


We’re looking to expand in both Canada and the US and we want you to help us. If you’re hard working, a good storyteller, and you think you have what it takes to run the most badass roleplaying game North America has ever seen, then we want you on our team.


We are currently giving away Underworld LARP franchises at virtually no cost. There is no start up fees or licensing fees. It will cost you absolutely nothing to form your own Guildhouse. All you need is some dedication, a few props and weapons (all of which you can make yourself) and some good friends.

There are a number of benefits to running your own Underworld game.

* As a Guildmaster you will have almost complete control over all aspects of the game world.

* Your town and players can take part in multiple Guild plotlines, written and designed by all of the Guildmasters.

* You and your playerbase get the benefit of traveling to other guilds, as your Player Character. Other players will travel to your guild as well (in which you keep their game fees)

* The profit you make (and profits can be high) are yours to keep or invest back into the game.

* We’ll provide you with all the support you need. We’ll even help you setup your own online forums, train your safety marshals, and teach you how to make your first weapons. Interested? Send us an email at guilds@underworldlarp.ca


Underworld LARP

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