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Underworld LARP is proud to announce that we are the focus of a half hour epesode of a brand new TV show called Fanboy Confessional. Our epesode airs July 13 at 10:30PM EST on the Space Channel.

FANBOY CONFESSIONAL presents active stories of self-professed “Fanboys” (and “Fangirls”) – pop culture enthusiasts and aficionados. It’s a celebration of unique interests and creative knowledge, and presents each Fanboy as a hero in his or her own right. The characters in our series come from all areas of fandom, and all have a sense of humor about their passions, mixed with a healthy measure of self-awareness and respect.

Please tune in as we celibrate some wonderfull recognition of our passion and hard work over the years.

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Sunday, 01 June 2008 21:24
  a. Character Creation & Ethics
b. Histories
c. Leasing
d. Remort
e. Retirement
f. Transfers
a. Character Creation and Ethics

Each character which you create costs $5 to register in our database. This fee is waived if this is your first time playing Underworld.
After their first event, new characters are granted an unrestricted remort before they enter the world a second time.

Active Characters

Underworld LARP requires you only have two characters active at one time. A third and final character may be created by purchases the Frag skill “Beautiful Minds,” or with express permission from Shaper Lead . This permission is usually only given if one of your current characters has been taken out of game by plot or is in a completely unplayable state.

Chat Room

No player may play more than one character in the chat room within a 24 hour period.

Character Creation - Race

No player may have more than one character in the database of the same race nor can you create two consecutive characters of the same race. The only exception to this rule is the race: Human. You can play Humans back to back and have multiple Humans active. This is because humans are very diverse in culture and it's easy to make two of them very different, even for new players

Character Ethics

When you retire, final a character and create a new one, the roleplaying, goals, themes, motives and even friendships of that new character must be dramatically different from the old. We reserve the right to force you to change your new character's roleplaying if they are too similar to your previous character. If you do not heed this warning, we will force a remort on you. You cannot pick up where your old character left off and you should do everything in your power to avoid discussing your old character. This also holds true for two active characters you own at the same time. There can be no interaction between your two characters; this includes using a third party (another player) to pass on information, items or favours.

Lack of integrity is what separates a professionally run LARP from an amateur one and we will do everything in our power to maintain it here at Underworld.


b. Histories

Email your character history to us using this link. Make sure that it is in .txt format. All good word processors offer this option under the "save as" function. Make sure that you attatch the .txt file to the email and DO NOT write all kinds of extraneous information in the body of the email. Only pertinent info should be included. Make sure that you include your FULL real name AND character name in the file so that we know exactly who you are

Tips for a great history

Keep it short and to the point – A 10 page character history is too long.  We have hundreds and hundreds of character histories to approve each year.  There is no possible way we could be able to read them all if each was a epic novel.   What we prefer is that your first history submission be short and to the point.  Try to keep it less than 10 paragraphs. This will give us the general character concept you've come up with and enough to get things started. If you want to submit a Magnum opus at a later date to further detail your history, that's cool. We'll tack it on to your shorter version.

- A second reason to keep it short is because writing a history before you've played a character is difficult. Every character changes by their 2nd or 3rd event. Don't paint yourself into a corner. Do yourself a favour and summarize.

- Your character is level one. Always keep this in mind. When we read that you've fought off 20 bandits by yourself in an epic nighttime battle, we wonder why you later on can't survive a single kobold at your first event. You are unskilled and inexperienced. You will become a hero in game, at events, or not at all. You can't write yourself a hero character through your history.

- You can't be a special snowflake. You don't have anything your race doesn't have and can't have special powers or abilities, so do not try to write it in your background

- If you are a member of an organization, you are the lowest possible rank. You're a recruit in the military, a novice in the religious order or an apprentice in the mage's guild. You can't be a member of any Jericho organization, and you can't be a member of a special npc organization without permission. (Eg: The Citadel, the Nightrunners, House Mesa.)

- You can't have special contacts. No friends with vampires, parents who are clerics or best friends who are generals in Berphaunt's military.

- You cannot have any advantage that any other new character cannot have.

- For the love of everything holy, spell check and use paragraphs. The point of you writing a history is to get plot's attention. Do you think we're going to want to run something for you after reading 6 pages worth of solid, unformatted, no periods, wall of text?

- If you can, include other new characters in your history. This is a great way to start playing Underworld. If you arrive with 2 friends, write histories that all share the same stories. Or even better, write a single history for all three. Plot always prefers giving time and effort toward groups of players instead of a single player. If we can run a plotline for 3 of you at once that involves your histories, we will.

- You can have sentimental items or heirlooms and even rep them in game, but you cannot have magical items, dormant or not nor can these items have any gold piece worth.

- Try to be original. Jericho has the highest per capita rate of amnesiacs in the world already. Don't add to that. And please avoid the moody rebel who could pass as the main character in a Final Fantasy game. Your character is an adult.

- Find a reason for coming to Jericho, even if you abandon it 10 minutes after being in game for the first time.


c. PC-NPCs and Leasing

Sometimes the Shaper team will ask a player to play the role of a PC-NPC. A PC-NPC is a character who is placed ingame in order to help stabilize or improve the structure of the game world. A prince, noble, or town healer are good examples of characters that may be provided to the game world by plot. Its often better for us to have a player play the role of the character than to use an NPC up for the weekend to play a single role.

PC-NPS receive $5 off their events and are provided with their role, including guildelines and some restrictions as to what they can and cannot do, usually from an ingame, ethical point of view. Beyond any restrictions, the player has complete free will and may play the character as they please with only the occasional requests from the Shaper team.

Character leasing is allowed when a PC-NPC is "grandfathered" to a higher level so as to be efficient in the position they occupy. After their creation, all character points earned by the character are divided in half, and one half of the creation points go to "paying off" the creation points that have already been spent. The remainder may be spent as the player wishes. Once the character's "lease" has been payed off, the character progresses in the same vein as any other.

d. Remort

Character "remort" is the rebuilding of your character based on the amount of accumulated creation points you have. There are two kinds of remort, "restricted" and "unrestricted".

Restricted remort is granted up to one month after rules changes have been implemented to allow players to "tweek" their character in order to take advantage of any rules change that may apply. In a restricted remort, the restructuring of the character must remain true to the continuity, logic and history of the character.

An unrestricted remort is the rebuilding of your character from scratch using the total amount of creation points you have accumulated. It is very rare for us to allow this, though major rewrites in the rules system will sometimes warrant it.

After their first event, new characters are granted an unrestricted remort before they enter the world a second time.

e. Retirement

At their time of death, any character may elect to take thier final death before the ressurrection coin-toss takes place. In the case where the player elects to allow their character to die with no knowledge of whether their ressurrection would succeed again, the player is given 1/2 of the total build of their now dead character to start a new character with.

When you retire your character or suffer final death, all your character's belongings and possessions that are not on your person, are to be immediately turn into the Shaper team. You cannot decide what happens to your possessions, after you have made that decision (or have had it made for you through final death). This includes your last will and testament, any secret documents or buried treasure you "would" have had on site or anything of the like. There is no issue with players willing away their items to other players so long as they have done it In Game, it was documented prior to your death/retirement and that documentation was given to Shaper. No item may transfer 



f. Transfer

At this time Underworld does not accept character transfers from any other LARP system . We do not accept transfers of characters from any "World of Darkness" campaigns, or from any Nero game. We do not accept any form of tabletop or desktop (computer-game) character. Believe it or not, people have asked.

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