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Underworld LARP is proud to announce that we are the focus of a half hour epesode of a brand new TV show called Fanboy Confessional. Our epesode airs July 13 at 10:30PM EST on the Space Channel.

FANBOY CONFESSIONAL presents active stories of self-professed “Fanboys” (and “Fangirls”) – pop culture enthusiasts and aficionados. It’s a celebration of unique interests and creative knowledge, and presents each Fanboy as a hero in his or her own right. The characters in our series come from all areas of fandom, and all have a sense of humor about their passions, mixed with a healthy measure of self-awareness and respect.

Please tune in as we celibrate some wonderfull recognition of our passion and hard work over the years.

FAQ/N00B Info

Our forums are ripe and full of all sorts of great information, tips,and advice which is not always easy to find. In this section we will do our best to organize and catigorize this collection of info-rich chatter.

  • N00B Info   ( 0 Articles )

    So you found us, you think you'd like to try us out, but you have questions. Well, you're not the first. Here's what so many who came before you needed to know.

  • Character Creation   ( 3 Articles )
    Don't know where to begin, what we require, or what the hell is going on. Relax, you'll find some good pointers here.

  • Armor & Weapons   ( 1 Article )
    This part's kinda important; We'd hate to see you go spend money on supplies and put the time into building Excalibur only to have our tight-ass marshals reject it on game day. Not to mention, that metal pipe wrapped in duct-tape won't be very appreciated either.

  • First Event   ( 1 Article )
    The time has finally come, you're all grown up and it's time to make you're own way. (yeah right, you're mom kicked your free loading ass out). Well, lets hope she gave this section a read and knew what to send you packing with.

  • Event Schedule   ( 1 Article )
    When, where, and what not

  • Game Play   ( 3 Articles )
    So I guess I won't need a mouse for this, And 'Paper, Rock, Scissors' is for pussies, so what's next?